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Company role/collaboration outline

Countryside Stay Developmental Project for SDGs is comprised of: ① Brain Trust from The Sun Co., Ltd., which integrates the use of countryside stay into a regional brand; ② Chiba Eco Energy Co., Ltd., which yields technology / developmental know-how to allow farming and RE (natural energy / solar energy) to coexist; ③ Eco Trust Co., Ltd., a joint venture between these companies; ④ Agri New Winds Co., Ltd., which is rooted in brand developing sites areas (Hokuso region, etc.) to engages in agricultural education and tourism agriculture; ⑤ My Farm Co., Ltd., which has piled up a record in agricultural education and crowdfunding and ⑥ Success Mentors Co., Ltd., which plans / supports open innovation for these small and medium enterprises with its extensive knowledge.

Brain Trust from The Sun Co.,

Chiba Eco Energy Co., Ltd.

My Farm Co., Ltd.

             Agri New Winds Co., Ltd.

Eco Trust Co., Ltd. 

Success Mentors Co., Ltd. 

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